Secret Fjords

Poems from the Norse-lands

Secret Fjords

We will not rest in the desert,
Where their Devil claims the land;
But in the Halls of Asgard
Where our own Gods still command.
Let them think that it is over!
Let them think that they have won!
There are secret fjords, that they do not know,
And we wait for them to come.
The Sons of Ivaldi do not rest in sleep,
Nor did Brokkr’s forge fire glow dim,
They have allied in this final fight,
And our fire-swords are within;
Odin himself has spoken
Of the war that’s yet not done,
The bellows blow, our steel is red,
Our hour will finally come.

© Fingleton (Meán Fómhair 2017) (Löst Viking)

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