The Discovery Of A Viking Sword

On 1st September 2017, some reindeer hunters found a Viking sword at high altitude in Oppland country, Norway. The fact that a Viking sword was found has come as an incredible news. It was found in well-preserved condition without any scratches, which is an amazing discovery.

Heathen By Nature

As soon as people realized the existence of the sword, a group of researchers including two members of the Secrets of the Ice team, together with two of the reindeer hunters (including the finder - Einar Åmbakk), a local metal detectorist and a local archaeologist, has come to investigate the find spot to confirm whether this sword was an isolated find or an artefact. The sword was told to be slid into the scree with the blade sticking out in a scree-covered area with traces of permafrost movement, located at 1640m above the sea level. Furthermore, the investigation showed that they were not able to find any other things in the area of the find spot, which means the Viking sword is an isolated find.  

Heathen By Nature

However the discovery led to the question: How could the sword survive on the surface for more than one thousand year and now be found in such an incredible condition like this? Then they finally came up with the idea that the preservation is the result of a compound of the quality of the iron, the high altitude and the mostly cold conditions.

The reason the sword was left here is still being considered. People thought that the person who left behind the sword was lost, maybe in a snow blizzard but nobody can figure out why he traveled alone in this high mountains but with only his sword…

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